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Hi I’m Deborah, the creator of ‘The Path to Wellbeing’, a transformative online course designed to help people improve their lifestyle through better management of stress, learning self care, relaxation techniques and more.

If you're feeling stressed, rundown or overwhelmed and would like to restore balance and calm in your life, then this is a journey mapped for you. It is time to ditch any feelings of quilt for taking time out for yourself. Your health and wellbeing is a priority, perhaps now more than ever before. So come with me on this exciting journey of change where the results will be extremely rewarding! 

The Path to Wellbeing is a step-by-step program designed to give you the tools to create a sustainable self-care routine and help you maintain a positive mindset. You can join now and have instant access to the course material.
The Truth Is, Sometimes Life Can Be Challenging
The Truth Is, Sometimes Life Can Be Challenging
Are you tired of feeling stressed, rundown or overwhelmed and ready to make a change? 
'The Path to Wellbeing is a journey mapped for you if you would like to:

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By The End Of This Course You Will Have
  • Learned how to identify markers of stress 
  • ​Developed the skill to create a sustainable self care routine
  • ​Made some big steps to identify obstacles and false beliefs
  • ​Located your strengths and learned how to strengthen your boundaries
  • ​Set achievable goals and planned for a life of fulfilment

So come with me on this exciting journey of change where the results will be extremely rewarding!

About the course
Transform your life to one of health and wellbeing.

-Online content delivered to you
-Life time access
-Learn at your own pace
-Access to all the stunning content immediately

In this course I will walk you through step by step how to implement my unique toolset to create a sustainable lifestyle change. 
You will learn how to: 

-Create a sustainable self care routine 
-Activate your natural relaxation response
-Sleep better
-Cultivate a positive mindset.
-Set achievable goals
-Learn how to meditate
-Plan for the future so you can maintain a life of wellbeing
What's included
In this course you will learn through interactive worksheets, with opportunities throughout to put everything into practice. You will receive six modules of downloadable course content to keep, as well as the following:

- Video lessons from stunning locations
-Over 20 PDF worksheets
-Self care evaluation questionnaires
-28 day gratitude journal
-Interactive goal setting planners
-Mindfulness colouring in sheets
-A guided meditation with music
 by international artist Alexia Chellun
-Access to a private Facebook community
 where you will receive support and 
connect with like minded people
-Content that is based on the latest research in Psychoneuroimmunology

Set some time aside for yourself and make this your year with this fantastic start to a new life!

The Story Behind 
‘The Path to Wellbeing’

Hi I’m Deborah, the creator of ‘The Path to Wellbeing’, a transformative online course designed to help people improve their lifestyle because every one deserves to live a life of health and happiness.

The Catalyst that Started it all...
My own journey of wellbeing initially started when I lost someone very close to me. Someone young, healthy and with a passion for life like no one else I have ever known. She inspired and encouraged me to be the best version of myself in such a caring and non-judgemental way that I could not help but feel better in her company. After her passing, I felt like I could not continue living my life the way I had before, it just didn’t seem right. When someone so joyful and inspiring leaves your life, it leaves a big gap. A gap I felt I had to fill somehow. 

I decided to honour her legacy and become the best version of myself, the one she always saw in me but I had trouble finding. It was time to find my ‘Path to Wellbeing’, to search for that wholeness that my friend had so clearly possessed that had enabled her to be there so completely for others. It was time to travel the path...

Where My Journey Led Me
I read many books on the subject of wellbeing, listened to experts and also decided to study art therapy. I took pages and pages of notes. By then, I started to see an underlying thread that the experts, inspirational people and my beautiful friend Esther all had in common. I narrowed it down to the fundamentals or building blocks as I like to call them and decided to put them to the test and live my life accordingly.

Inspired by my Students
I was inspired to design ‘The Path to Wellbeing’ course through my work as a textile designer and art therapist. In today’s volatile environment, we have a much greater understanding about the connection between creativity and physical and mental health, but for me this link became clear when I witnessed the effect the creative process was having on my students once they embraced creativity and took time out for themselves. 

My pupils immersed themselves in the artistic realm completely, and it had a positive flow on to other areas of their lives. I saw people starting to cut down their working days to take time out to be creative. They were improving their physical and mental health and breaking down mental barriers. My students were finding they were becoming more confident, happier and gained a deeper understanding of their wellbeing. 

This transformation inspired me to create a course where we could achieve this in our everyday lives. A course aimed at connecting the mind and body. I developed a set of unique tools that I incorporated into my daily life; they helped provide a sense of wellbeing and peace of mind I had never experienced before. The course is easy to follow with goals that are very achievable. I designed a step-by-step guided online course to inspire people to reach a state of wellbeing. 

I realised that when we feel good in both our mind and our body we can achieve a level of wholeness and positivity that will enhance our everyday life. We can all experience it by nourishing the mind and body and living a purposeful life. These elements work together in a sequence as each is a building block for the other.

Why venture on ‘The Path to Wellbeing?’
To make change you need to take the first steps towards change. ‘The Path to Wellbeing’ is a guided course where you will discover how to deal with life’s challenges that appear on your path. You will be given a set of tools that will equip you to embrace the good and face the bad, enjoy the high and cope with the low. Once we are able to embrace life from a more grounded perspective, we will find that it flows more easily. 

I Am Interested & 
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What Are You Waiting For?

What Are You Waiting For?

Prioritising your health and wellbeing is essential. There are an infinite amount of pathways your life can take, why not choose the path that will help make you the healthiest and happiest?
Join me on The Path to Wellbeing!

" Deborah has helped me so much to bring balance and self care into my life. She is so genuine when it comes to helping others and has such a wonderful and supportive teaching style. As a mum of two little kids, It is so easy to focus on everyone else. Deborah's program walks you through everything you need, to start finding that balance and being the best version of yourself"  
Audrey H.

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